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Q: My child is interested in gymnastics. What do you offer for his/her age group?

A: We are a gymnastics-based program, so of all our classes focus on gymnastics. We have coed preschool class for kids ages 3 (and potty trained) through 5, a coed K-1 program for kids currently enrolled in Kindergarten or 1st grade, girls recreational program for kids ages 7-12, for kids enrolled in 2nd grade of above. We also offer a boys-specific class for boys ages 6-12, and enrolled in 1st grade or above. 

Q: Do you offer a free class where we can just try a class out before we register, to see if we like it?

A: We offer a no-obligation trial class! This means you can register for a trial, which will hold your spot in your desired class. After your child participates in their trial, you have a few days to decide if you'd like to register for that class! If you decide you didn't like it, and we're not the program for you, there is no pressure to register and you won't owe us anything for the class. If you decide you liked the class and would like to register, that trial will count as your first class of the month

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